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These PowerShell tools are meant to aid the use of a ROOT PROOF cluster. If you aren't familiar with the tool explore the introductory paragraphs found on the PROOF documentation site are quite helpful.


Download and run the Windows MSI file from the downloads page. You must have administrator access in order to run the installer. You must have PowerShell 3.0 or better installed (default with Windows 8, available as an add-on in Windows 7 or earlier).

32-bit Restriction: The tools will work only in the x86 version of PowerShell 3.0! ROOT on Windows comes in only 32 bit. Thus the process that is hosting it must also be 32 bit - with is the x86 version of PowerShell. If you run the normal version of PowerShell the tools will fail to load (at the very least). You can discover which version of PowerShell you are in by looking at the pointer size - just type "[IntPtr]::Size" - if you get back 4 you are running in the x86 version. If you get back 8 then you are in the normal version of PowerShell. Make sure to select the x86 version from the start menu!!



After starting the 32 bit version of PowerShell:

Perhaps it should do other things? Leave some suggestions in the Discussion tab...


I do my best to keep an active bug list at CodePlex. There are always outstanding features I want to improve or bugs I need to fix – this is my to-do list. If you see something there that you think needs faster fixing feel free to vote it up. Or add a new one. Or start a discussion thread. Or send me direct email and I can add it for you.

There is one big issue I wish I understood, and it is probably, at some deep level, my fault: when you exit PowerShell you’ll get a crash. There is some issue with object cleanup ordering that I just can’t figure out. I apologize for this – but since this happens after the connection with the PROOF server is broken, I’ve not yet seen it cause any real problem.


While building is fairly easy, debugging needs some careful setup. I’ve collected complete instructions on how to build and debug on the Development webpage.

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